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Dakimakura Misconceptions Revealed are many misconceptions about the Japanese concept of Dakimakura, so it's important to understand what makes this clothing type so controversial. Here are some of the most common misconceptions:


Peach skin dakimakura are among the most popular types of fabric used in Japanese bedclothes. This soft, silk-like skin is able to provide a unique feel. They are extremely versatile, being used for a variety of different applications, from household supplies to packing boxes. They are even used in advertising campaigns, advertising gifts, and tourism supplies. Peach skin dakimakura are not only comfortable to wear, but can also alleviate tiredness.


The Japanese term "otaku" loosely translates to "nerd" and describes a person who takes their interests to an obsession level. These people usually have low social standing. Dakimakura pillows are almost life-size and feature the designs of fictional personas. It's the ultimate way for an otaku to feel close to their favorite characters. In fact, these pillows have become a huge hit among otaku and Westerners alike.


One of the biggest benefits of owning a dakimakura pillow is that you can feel comfortable and close to someone. This pillow is very soft and cuddly, making it a wonderful choice for empty spaces or for your own bedroom. There are many different types of dakimakura available, making it easy to find the right one for your needs. In addition to providing physical comfort, dakimakura pillows also have psychological benefits, making them great for people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, or just want to be able to feel close to their favorite fictional characters.


The Dakimakura phenomenon began in Japanese fan forums, and quickly spread to a variety of message boards. After the popularity of the character gained a mainstream following, Dakimakura merchandise spread far beyond Japanese fan communities. Popular items include Dakimakura pillows, which are sold as sex toys, and novelty love dolls, which are sold as gag gifts or for pleasure. The Dakimakura phenomenon has even influenced the fashion of women's clothing and accessories.

Shipping fees

The shipping fee for a Dakimakura pillow is usually a relatively low amount compared to other types of pillows. Most Dakimakura pillows are made from a high-quality, two-way tricot fabric. The fabric is squishy, soft, and features a slight sheen. It also has a good finish and can be manipulated to create an endless variety of variations. Shipping fees for Dakimakura pillows vary by location, but in general, the items are shipped to their designated destination.

Characters on covers

Dakimakura are almost body-sized pillows. They are a great way to rest your head and provide support between your knees. In addition to being comfortable, they're also useful for otaku. The covers of some Dakimakura feature popular Japanese cartoon characters. One such example is the Shie character, drawn by CG artist Deino, who also created the Calcium variation and the Hatsune Miku cover. This unique cover features Shie in a scuba diving pose and has an older version of the character with a scar on his chest.

NSFW designs

You can custom anime body pillow from the dakimakura collection at Art-N-Prints. These dakimakura designs are NSFW and include various fandoms. You can choose from silky polyester fur or natural velvet materials. The artists that make them handpick the best designs and produce them with great care. This way, you will be sure to get the highest quality pillowcases.

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