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"Arriving at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Vivian William was utterly dismayed to discover that the man whom she was supposed to get her marriage certificate with had yet to arrive. It was already more than half an hour past their agreed-upon time. Just as she was about to contact him, he called her instead. As soon as she picked up, his furious voice blared out through the phone, “Vivian William, you liar! Have you forgotten about the sort of shameful things you’d done back in university? How dare you even think about marrying me now? Let me tell you something. That will only ever happen in your dreams! It has become rather clear to me now, seeing as you were quick to bring up marriage despite us only knowing each other for three days! If it weren’t for my ex-girlfriend having studied in the same university as you, I would’ve gotten tricked by you! You shameless woman!” With that, he hung up. Vivian did not even get a chance to explain herself.

Never Late, Never Away